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Can a nurse lose her license for assault

Since the demands for a nurse are very high, there are several different ways a nurse can potentially have their license suspended or even revoked. The threat of losing a nursing license can present itself on any given day, that is why it’s important for nurses to understand what kind of behavior can negatively affect their nursing license.

Sexual Assault under § 22.011 of the Penal Code; Aggravated Sexual Assault under § 22.021; ... message of §301.4535 is that the Board must and will automatically suspend an active license or refuse to initially license a nurse who has been initially convicted of one of the above specified offenses. Choate Studio - Terry Rouke - New England Fine Art New England 2022 Calendar Order the 2022 Calendar Order Now View the 2022 Calendar Gallery Go Now Order The 2022 Calendar Now 1 2 3 Next Custom Watercolors A commissioned watercolor painting captures your. uefa women's player of the year 2018. NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY: Choate prohibits in all its programs. Answer (1 of 11): It depends. If one is convicted of simple assault, that can be plea bargained down to a misdemeanor, the punishment might be limited to a fine and/or community service with no jail time and might even be expunged once the sentence is served. Aggravated assault, however, is gen.

My suggestion is to call the Texas Board of Nursing at 512-305-7400, and ask that agency for referral. You most likely can ask your question hypothetically without divulging his identity. My thought is that a criminal record for any type of assault will be most likely causing action against his license, once that agency learns of the criminal.

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As a licensed Nurse, you are considered a MANDATORY REPORTER in Pennsylvania regarding suspected child abuse. If you fail to uphold the duties and requirements of a MANDATORY REPORTER you will face criminal charges and consequences, as well as the loss of your job and Nursing license. Substance or Alcohol Abuse.

A felony 5th degree assault conviction carries a maximum prison sentence of five years, and you may be subject to loss of firearm rights. Contact an experienced 5th degree assault lawyer. 612-747-2254 If you have been accused of fifth degree assault , contact our Minneapolis defense lawyer without delay. react native publish to testflight.

Typically, nurses lose a license for things like: Falsifying records. Impersonating someone else. Coming to work while impaired. Providing unauthorized treatment. Neglecting.

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