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A viral Reddit thread rounded up some of the most astonishingly illegal things around the globe and you may have been inadvertently breaking the law this whole time. 1. 1. There are some laws on the books that will leave you scratching your head. Redditor u/EvilPilotFish asked the internet about some of their favorite ridiculously illegal.

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A tree lawyer will help you determine liability when it comes to fallen trees. (Photo: slgckgc/CC BY 2.0) It begins almost like that familiar tree-falls-in-the-woods saying, if that saying grew up.

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Parody. A parody, also called a spoof, a satire, a send-up, a take-off, a lampoon, a play on ( something ), or a caricature, is a creative work designed to imitate, comment on, and/or mock.

Sullivan said he hasn't heard from Trump's team. Agents at Trump's Mar-a-Lago seized 11 sets of classified documents, court filing shows. "They clearly need someone with federal trial.

Proud to have taken more companies public in the US than any other law firm. Deal Point Data YE 2021 "[A] strong track record for representing start-ups from the outset." The Legal 500 US.

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